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"Everyday Leadership" - A Group Discussion Hosted by PYP's Professional Development Team

11/14/2017 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM CST


  • Free


West Florida Public Libraries
239 North Spring Street
Pensacola, FL 32502-4822
United States
Room Number: Meeting Room B


The common conception of a "leader" is someone who is charismatic, confident, and enjoys the spotlight. But this definition of leadership is often far too narrow and excludes other, simple--yet valuable--ways of influencing others.

Join our upcoming PD Team meeting as former PYP president Jonathan Thompson discusses a pair of videos that challenge the standard model of leadership. We will first view Drew Dudley's TED Talk on "Everyday Leadership," and will follow that with a very brief but powerful video highlighting the concept of the "First Follower." There will then be a group discussion in which attendees can cite their own personal experiences with these topics, and brainstorm ideas for how to better incorporate these forms of leadership into our everyday lives.

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