Election Crash Course

10/01/2020 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM CST


Seminar / Forum / Education


  • Free


Live Streamed Event - Facebook & Youtube

Virtual Meeting URL: https://facebook.com/pensacolayp


Younger voters have notoriously low turnout, and we think that’s partly because we don’t feel connected to or knowledgeable about what’s going on in our community, WHAT’s on our ballots, WHO the candidates are, HOW to participate in the voting process. This general election looks different from any other in history, and we want young pro’s to feel informed and prepared to cast their ballot on (or before) November 3.

During this Election Crash Course, PYP VP of Economic Development & Government Affairs (EDGA)  will be chatting with Escambia County Supervisor of Elections, David Stafford to debunk voting myths, share resources, review what (and who) is on our upcoming ballot, and answer your questions. 

This event will be broadcast live on Facebook, YouTube, and on PensacolaYP.com. 

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